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Design + Build

The design objective for Petros was to build a project in a beach community that takes advantage of the locational amenities of the area but also diminishes surrounding visual negatives. The client was interested in creating a pleasant, luxurious and modern space within an area that consists of primarily of older, neglected structures. Conceptualization of this new 4-unit row home project is rooted in creating a fresh environment that acts as an oasis within the neighborhood. To utilize this concept, the project units have an “inward looking” design with beautiful courtyards as focal points. The implementation of floor-to-ceiling windows is used to both draw in light and allow interaction of the indoor and outdoor spaces. Each home hosts a 2-car garage below with stairs up to an indoor/outdoor living area and kitchen. The top story of each plan includes a master suite and another bedroom that both look out onto an open courtyard area. These spaces are designed to consider the building aesthetics as well as insulate any neighboring noise by placing stairways next to shared walls. Petros features modern design combined with an open-concept philosophy that maximizes urban space in an inviting and elegant presentation while accounting for the visual negatives of the surrounding neighborhood.


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