Services Overview

Nakhshab Development & Design, Inc. (NDD) provides a comprehensive collection of services including complete design + build, building design, structural engineering, construction, sustainability, and LEED services to a range of clients including residential, multi-family, and commercial.


NDD structural engineering services are the cornerstone of our business and span across all segments of the market. NDD is active in development, construction and design + build in residential, multi-family and commercial markets.


Our in-house expertise with a wide range of practices including building design, engineering, building code, sustainability, and construction are what set our firm apart.  We have integrated our extensive knowledge centers to create a more cohesive and efficient design + build process.


Our boutique business model allows us to focus on our clients. We encourage the development of close personal relationships with each of our clients and work “in the trenches” to create the most value for you. As engineers, designers and builders, we understand the importance of designing and constructing a project with the shortest timeline and at the lowest possible cost.